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Wheelchair Evacuator

Wheelchair Evacuator


The Wheelchair Evacuator are simple but effective handles that quickly and easily attach to most manual wheelchairs to facilitate the safe evacuation of wheelchair users in an emergency evacuation.

Comes complete with straps, carry bag and instructions.

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£249.95 +VAT

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1) Avoids manual carry down of the wheelchair and the wheelchair user.

2) Avoids bending and stooping by the person carrying out the evacuation.

3) Allows the wheelchair user to remain in his/her wheelchair which has often been adapted to their personal use.

4) Can be operated with basic training.

5) Provides the means for onward evacuation to a place of safety.

6) Wheelchair remains totally manoeuvrable.

7) With the addition of safety handles at the front the device can be operated by two operators.

8) Small storage area required and light to carry

9) Very quick to install and uninstall without the use of tools, saving valuable time during emergency situations.

The safe evacuation of wheelchair users from buildings is a global problem.

The law requires every workplace to have has a person responsible for the safety of all persons in the building and an evacuation plan to ensure all people, including wheelchair users, get to a place of ultimate safety, without assistance from the fire and rescue service.

Failure to have a plan can result in loss of life and prosecution, possibly for corporate manslaughter.

Current evacuation equipment is expensive and bulky, cannot evacuate to safe place and require manual handling of the user for which a risk assessment is legally required.  Due to cost of current equipment many buildings only have one making it impossible to evacuate more than one wheelchair user.

The Wheelchair Evacuator solves these problems as it:

1) Attaches to a wheelchair in a matter of seconds.

2) Is affordable, cost effective and portable.

3) Evacuates the person in their own wheelchairs (no manual handling issues) up or down stairs or escalators, across rough terrain and over most obstacles to a place of safety.

4) Enables businesses to comply with the law.

Wheelchair Evacuator

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Wheelchair Evacuator


Wheelchair Liberator

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