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Evacuator Compact

Evacuator Compact


Comprising of two ergonomically designed handles that attach to your manual wheelchair in seconds, the Evacuator Compact facilitates the safe evacuation of wheelchair users in modern buildings.

This portable evacuation device can be carried with the user and also allows greater access to a wide range of areas, including otherwise impassable outdoor terrain.

Comes complete with straps, carry bag and instructions.

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£204.95 +VAT

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1) Access previously inaccessible areas.

2) Move over obstacles and difficult terrain with ease.

3) Makes the work of the wheelchair pusher easier and less strenuous.

4) Can be operated with basic training.

5) Wheelchair remains totally manoeuvrable.

6) Small storage area required and light to carry

7) Very quick and easy to attach and detach without the use of tools or other equipment.

The Evacuator Compact (formerly The Liberator) has been designed for everyday use by wheelchair users and their carers to make getting around easier, more convenient and more comfortable for both the person in the chair and those pushing, whilst also facilitating the safe and legal evacuation of wheelchair users in most modern buildings.

The Evacuator Compact is a portable evacuation device that can be carried by the wheelchair user in the specially designed carry bag that secures onto the wheelchair handles. In addition to emergency evacuation, the Evacuator Compact is also designed for everyday use to help overcome obstacles such as a steps, kerbs, cobble stones, gravel, muddy ground, grass and any other everyday obstacles faced wheelchair users and those pushing.

The Evacuator Compact liberates people to explore areas where it has previously been difficult to access with a wheelchair. Unobtrusive, the Evacuator Compact handles simply attach to the wheelchair handles to make life easier in those awkward terrains or in event of an emergency when wheelchair user evacuation is required.

The idea of the product came about because the use of the Liberator makes many places that are currently off limits accessible to wheelchair users. This in turn means that wheelchair users and their families can now go to places, other than the shopping centre, together.

Many, many places that were previously inaccessible are now available to wheelchair users creating masses of leisure activities for families to enjoy, as a family. The Evacuator Compact has been developed with help from the Health and Safety Laboratory and Huddersfield University who helped with the ergonomics. It conforms with all ISO standards and CE Marking Regulations.

Wheelchair Liberator

Get a Compact for £99.95 +VAT with the purchase of a Wheelchair Evacuator

Total saving of £105 +VAT per Compact

Wheelchair Evacuator


Wheelchair Liberator

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