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Evacuator Compact FAQ

Answers to some of the questions we often receive from customers about the Evacuator Compact portable wheelchair evacuation device. If you can't find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

What is a safe load for the Evacuator Compact?

An occupant in a suitable wheelchair weighing up to 200kg.

Do I need a special wheelchair?

No. The Evacuator Compact is designed to fit most standard manual self propelled wheelchairs that conform to BS ISO 7176 – 8. It does however need to have normal curved handles.

Can the Evacuator Compact be used in an emergency evacuation?

Yes, however the person or persons performing the evacuation must be properly trained and capable of carrying out the operation. 

Is maintenance required?

No but it is advisable to undertake regular inspections of the product and to check the bolt and tightening knob both periodically and during a long period of use.

Will the wheelchair take the strain?

Yes. Wheelchairs are designed for use on stairs and other challenging environments.

Does the Evacuator Compact have to be on my wheelchair at all times?

No. It can be left on the wheelchair of quickly and easily fitted and removed as required. The bag included has been designed to hang from the wheelchair handles.