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Evacuation Chair for Stairs

Fast and Safe Wheelchair Evacuation

Safely Evacuate Wheelchairs Down Stairs

It is a legal requirement for places of work and commercial properties to provide facilities for the safe evacuation of wheelchair users down stairways in the event of an emergency.

For some time the traditional evacuation chair has been the only option available. This is no longer the case, and the Wheelchair Evacuator presents a more effective, versatile and affordable solution

The Wheelchair Evacuator is a portable device that can be attached to most manual wheelchairs to facilitate safe evacuation. By having a Wheelchair Evacuator device on-site, workplaces are staying safe, but also staying legal.

In addition to considerable cost savings, the Wheelchair Evacuator also presents a number of big advantages over the standard evac chair. These include:

  • No need to move wheelchair users to an evacuation device
  • Ability to evacuate both up and down stairs as necessary
  • Evacuate over rough terrain and obstacles
  • Highly portable and facilitate multiple evacuations
Evacuation Chairs For Stairs

Wheelchair Evacuation Devices

Wheelchair Evacuator

Wheelchair Evacuator

A simple and effective solution that works with most manual wheelchairs to facilitate safe evacuation up and down stairs.

From £249.95 +VAT


Wheelchair Liberator

Wheelchair Liberator

Portable evacuation device that also allows wheelchair users and operators greater access to a wider variety of terrain.

From £204.95 +VAT