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Evacuation Chair Cost

Save Money With Wheelchair Evacuator

Save on evacuation chair costs

Traditional evacuation chairs range in price from a few hundred pounds through to £4,000 - £5,000 and sometimes more. The quality, specification and features of each evacuation chair vary and this is typically reflected in the price.

The Wheelchair Evacuator and Wheelchair Liberator products offer a fantastic opportunity to make significant savings on these costs, with prices starting at just £204.95 +VAT.

For a long time, evacuation chairs were the main way businesses and properties met with legal requirements surrounding the safe evacuation of wheelchair users. These guidelines stipulated that an evacuation facility must be made accessible in the event of fire or other emergencies.

The Wheelchair Evacuator not only meets these guidelines, but also provides a more versatile and portable solution than a traditional evacuation chair, offering these benefits:

  • No need to move wheelchair users to an evacuation device
  • Ability to evacuate both up and down stairs as necessary
  • Evacuate over rough terrain and obstacles
  • Highly portable and facilitate multiple evacuations
Evacuation Chair Costs

Save hundreds or even thousands on costs

Evac Chair Alternatives

Wheelchair Evacuator

Wheelchair Evacuator

A simple and effective solution that works with most manual wheelchairs to facilitate safe evacuation up and down stairs.

From £249.95 +VAT


Evacuator Compact

Wheelchair Liberator

Portable evacuation device that also allows wheelchair users and operators greater access to a wider variety of terrain.

From £204.95 +VAT