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Wheelchair Evacuator
& Evacuator Compact

Discover the revolutionary new products making wheelchair evacuation easier and safer for wheelchair users and operators.


Product Range

Wheelchair Evacuator

Wheelchair Evacuator

A simple and effective solution that works with most manual wheelchairs to facilitate safe evacuation up and down stairs.

From £249.95 +VAT


Evacuator Compact

Evacuator Compact

A portable evacuation device that can be carried with you and facilitates safe evacuation in most modern buildings.

From £204.95 +VAT


Keeping Wheelchair Evacuation Safe and Legal

Wheelchair Evacuator - Evacuation Chair Alternative

Every business has a legal obligation to be able to evacuate all people on the premise to a place of safety, including wheelchair users.

The Wheelchair Evacuator and Evacuator Compact are a simple but effective alternative to an evac-chair. A set of handles that quickly and easily attach to most manual wheelchairs, enabling safe evacuation of wheelchair users in an emergency.

Not only is the Wheelchair Evacuator a cheaper alternative to most evacuation chairs, but it has many advantages including:

  • No need to move wheelchair users to an evacuation device
  • Ability to evacuate both up and down stairs as necessary
  • Evacuate over rough terrain and obstacles
  • Highly portable and facilitate multiple evacuations
Wheelchair Evacuation

Liberating Wheelchair Users and Operators

Evacuation Chair Alternative

Evacuator Compact - Portable Evacuation Device

The Evacuator Compact (formerly 'The Liberator') is suitable for use in most modern buildings, as well as outside in areas of rough terrain that would otherwise be impassable for a most wheelchair users.

The Evacuator Compact is designed to be able to be kept with the wheelchair user at all times to allow trained individuals to undertake an instant evacuation.

The bag in which the Evacuator Compact is contained has two handles which fit over the handles of the wheelchair when in use. The carry bag itself sits secure on the back of the wheelchair.

It is ideally suited to modern buildings where the height of each step is smaller than in older buildings,  meaning the reach of the handles does not need to be as long for the device to function.

It is very relevant for members of staff who are wheelchair users. as it ensures that no matter where they are in the building they will always have the tools to enable them to be evacuated.


Customer Feedback

"Incredible invention to be able to quickly attach the handles to any manual wheelchair and safely evacuate in an emergency. Especially clever as it keeps the attendant's back straight and is very affordable." - Kalia Franklin